Virtual box – Installation Process on Windows

Virtual Box is used to create a virtual environment of a hardware machine, like a linux server or a windows machine or any other kind of machine too. Its simple to use and available for free. You just have to download it from the Virtual Box’s download page. With its help you can run multiple OS on your systems and install applications on them without even changing your existing system’s configurations. You just to install it on your system and get started by adding virtual systems in Virtual Box.

Watch this video to see the installation process of Virtual Box on a windows machine.

[yt4wp-video video_id=”h3rRTLEyZGc”]


You will get multiple advantages of having a Virtual Box and multiple OS on that:

1. Testing new software/tool would be very easy. Also gives opportunity to do networking between two systems,  without even having them in real.

2. It would be very flexible and fast to switch between different Operating systems without disturbing your current system’s OS.

3. Infrastructure is not required to have multiple Operating systems running around.

4. No of machines installed can be infinite, but running them restricts to actual machines configuration(RAM and Hard Disk).

With this superb software you can have your own virtual IT lab without any investment.

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