Share your stuff using IP Messenger

This post is for those who are fed up using Pen drives for transfer stuff from their friend’s computer to their own or don’t have one(forgot who borrowed it from them).

Note: This method only works if you have got your own WiFi or neighbor’s might also work if you already cracked the password.


1. WiFi –  make sure password is known anyhow.

2. Systems that will share the stuff should be connected to same WiFi SSID, makes sense?

3. What’s left? IP Address, i am sure you know how to change your IP address. Well, the systems must be on same network, but different IP addresses must be used or system IP conflict error will be the one you don’t want to face.

Let’s assume

System A’s IP Address:

System B’s IP Address:

4. Last but not the least, You just need to Download and Install IP Messenger on your systems and You are all Done. One can download it from their own website There are many versions available there with different OS compatibility.


Now Run IP Messenger and You will see the Connected Devices in the List



It’s very easy to use it, just need to Drag and Drop the Files into IP messenger that you want to Share and one-click on the computer’s name you want your stuff to share with. It’s a two way communication so accept the Files from the Other Computer and You are all Done.

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