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Virtual Box – Configuring Shared folder Settings

Have you ever thought about sending data between your Virtual machine and Host machine? Yes, there is a way for that, and that is very simple to follow.

In case you want to know how to install Virtual Box and how to add a Virtual machine to it, you can see our previous posts.

Step 1: Install Virtual Box tools on your Virtual machine. For that you need to mount those tools as a CD in you Virtual machine.

Step 2: Restart your Virtual Machine.

Step 3: Select a Host Machine folder from Virtual Machine’s menu and add it to your Virtual machine.

Step 4: Go to Virtual Machine’s Network folder. Open up you Host machine’s folder.

Step 5: Copy data into folder or from folder.

For more details just see the following video. It helps to explain all the above steps.


Its all easy and fun. Just keep on visiting our blog for more. 🙂

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