At the end of this blog, i am sure you would take a moment wishing if you have had come across such a great tool, life would have been easier. If you still go to your friend’s room with Pendrive in your hand asking for uploading some good stuff in it and your friends gives to ‘meh’ look while pausing Game of thrones episode on run for a while, then it’s time to act smart and give this tool a shot.

Ofcourse you have heard of IP messenger, if not, please go through the link:

Share your stuff using IP Messenger

Now, What if there are multiple users who want to download the same file from you or want to know what else is there to download, so they gonna keep poking you again and again, forever. So our IP messenger fails, but don’t get disappointed, i have something special for you: DC++, one solution to many problems.

I’ll explain your how it works with some questions, we just gotta ask the right ones.

Q. 1  First, explain, why to use it?

Ans. There was no need for Wtsapp until it came, and here we are, everyone’s mobile don’t stop buzzing with it’s ringtone. But good news is, it has got some pretty use: It keeps you what you are, LAZY. Yeah, NO more of borrowing usb drives(LAN wire too sometimes) from friends, NO more banging your head to configure folder sharing, NO more moving of your rusty legs to see your friend’s movies collection. Don’t tell me you don’t want to live such life.


Q. 2 Secondly, is it easy to install?

Ans. No, it’s not easy if you have never installed a software in your system and using it for listening songs and watching movies only. You gotta be a little technical here, one should always know how to use your machine for your best, isn’t it? Here are two free links here, you need to install them both:

a. YnHub:  (server first, server first)

b. DC++ : (Client second)

Q. 3 So why YnHub? Why two tools?

Ofcourse, you ain’t gonna waste your net bandwidth to download software without knowing what are those. Let me make it easy for you.

YnHub: It’s a server that keeps the list of all users online in the network and help them communicating by creating a channel between them and also helps in making the index of your and your friends shared folders. There should be only one server(Best of luck to you if you try many :P)

DC++: It’s a client that will help in selecting the folders each of you want to share with each other. There are expected to be more than one client, that’s how communication works.


Q. 4 How does it work?

DC++ is open source peer to peer file sharing client based on Direct connect protocol. Direct Connect protocol is text based peer-to-peer file sharing protocol for client-server network. In Layman language, there is one sever YnHub which creates and stores the index of all the files/folders shared by user in user’s system and also create a direct connection between the users who want to share files with each other(One way or two way, both ways of communications are open). Now, there is one client software(DC++) installed in every user’s machine which want to be a part this group sharing network.

a. Fist thing to do to make it work, connect all machines to the same wifi to be in the same network.

b. If one wants some files from another, one just simply have to go to file tab in DC++ and click on quick connect. Put the IP address of the server’s machine and click OK. A list of users which are in the same network as the YnHub will come up on the left side of window.

quick connect


c. Double click on that user’s name and an index file of that user will start downloading from other guy’s system.


list download


d. Once downloaded, it shows a list of folders or files shared by the other user and a simple double click on any file will create a direct connection between the two and downloads gets started.


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