Should we talk about SPAM? I don’t know, let’s check it. People don’t usually care about things until they harm. And let me tell you, people have lost their whole business and their company’s market reputation just because one of one spam, that they couldn’t recognize. But if we ask to any normal computer user who was doing nothing but using internet and checking his mails, gets a message with attached malware or a link that downloads file and of course, user will either download the attachment or click on the link as the message has a content which was so convincing that user couldn’t stop himself doing so.

So what happens next?

One would say, what other person would get anything out of his computer, as he has nothing to hide. So let me tell to that dude, Target is not you but might be some government organisation that will be attacked using your system and will, one day for sure, put you in prison.

Do you remember Nigerian Spam? Ever heard of the number 419?

It involves offering you a share in a large sum of money on the condition you help them to transfer it out of their country. They will trick you asking your information, meeting you one day, will show you their magic of converting some wax money into real money and ask you a sum of some millions. This was just an example and trust me, it was real to the scale that we could imagine.

So what is SPAM?

It’s just a mail which is sent in Bulk and unsolicited. Let me elaborate

Bulk: Any mail which is sent in a good amount targeting a good number of users is called Bulk.

Unsolicit: Any mail you got which was never asked for. Pay attention here, never asked for doesn’t mean “not wanted” here.  Let me make it more clear, You once subscribed on a site allowing them to send their makerting mails, then they start sending you mails but now you don’t want them. Sorry guys, but that would never be called as spam until you take next step, i.e, unsubscribe their mailing service. Now, if you will get any mails from them in future, then that my friends is SPAM.

So, in short, any mail proving our Bulk+Unsolicited together(which is a strong word here) theory is called spam.


There are various types of SPAM based on where actually spammer wants to take you:

1. Product Spam– Generally includes Chinese products, Weightloss medicines, drugs, viagra etc.

2. Phishing – Either a link to a phish page is present in the content or an attached HTML form asking username and password.

3. Nigerian(419) – Any donation of millions to your account, shipment of money, winning lottery etc comes under this category.

4. Dating – Spammers do Advertisement of any dating websites and ask for signing up.

5. Porn – Spammers will provide links to porn sites.

6. Services like Job Consultancy – Any fake job offer to ask your personal information or giving you loan at very low cost generally comes under this category.

All Spam types are based on the intention of spam. Call to action one way or the other will take you to intended content like health product sites, some phishing page asking for your username and password of any bank or mailer service site, porn or dating sites etc.


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  1. Although I never opened the spam links and mails without knowing what can happen but this post gave a good explanation. Good job!!

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